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It has a mainly herbivorous diet, but will also occasionally eat insects and carrion. Hal Brindley is a wildlife photographer, illustrator, and writer living in Asheville, North Carolina. He draws a complete blank when we has to type something about himself.

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Both the male and the female Walrus have long and robust tusks. The mothers are highly protective of their offspring. The dog is the largest population of mammals which has dominated the world’s animal population for a long time.

  • Wolves are known for their intelligence, pack behavior, and ability to adapt to different environments.
  • The urial is a species of wild sheep found in Central and South Asia.
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  • There were different species of dinosaurs that roamed the Earth millions of years ago.

It is often easier to remember Animal Names based on the category like mammals, birds, reptiles, and insects, etc. You can not just learn the Animal Vocabulary Animal Names by the type but also through locations such as farm animals, jungle creatures, and pets. Along with these categorizations, you can also learn Animal Names Alphabetically.

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This means that they eat meat and plant matter; they are not exclusively meat-eaters. A lot of people think the chimpanzee is exclusively an herbivore, but this isn’t true at all! Chimpanzees do eat meat; they just don’t go out and hunt it as we do. Omnivores can be predators or scavengers, depending on what’s available to them in their environment. Unicornfish are tropical fish found throughout the Indo-Pacific. A Uinta ground squirrel emerges into a field in Wyoming west of the Green River.

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They feed green vegetables and some animals eat meat of other animals to survive. Some animals live and survive on the land and some animals live under water. Sea Otters are marine mammals native to the coasts of the eastern and northern North Pacific Ocean. They are the biggest and heaviest members of the weasel family but are among the smallest marine mammals.

They live in their natural habitats and do not live with humans or other domestic species. They are horned animals, who closely resemble deers and belong to the same family of Bovidae. The term “monkey” can refer to any mammals in the infraorder of Simiiformes, also known as the simians. Many monkey species spend their daily lives on trees; however, some live on the ground, such as the baboon species.

They float on the cold ocean water surface with their feet pointed towards the sky, holding hands and juggling rocks. Learning any new language will include developing your vocabulary. The easiest way to do this is to learn the names of all the things that you use and see around you. In this article, you will learn the names of animals from all around the world. These small creatures will eat almost anything, including insects, seeds, fungi, eggs, and even small mammals and birds!

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Although it is not the most graceful flyer, its incredible speed in the air belies its massive bulk compared to other birds. They are a type of sheep that are endemic to North America. Known for their large horns, the bighorn sheep are very susceptible to certain diseases, and they graze on grasses and shrubs. They are found in large herds and are heavily hunted for their meat and horns. The horse is a domesticated and hoofed mammal species, which belongs to the taxonomic family of Equidae and is regarded as one of two existing species in the subgenus of Equus. Walrus can weigh up to a ton and can live up to 40 years.