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Who we are

"The Unity Initiative: Indian Muslims Uniting for Equality and Harmony"

Our purpose is to inform and enlighten the international community and regional organizations about the experiences of Muslims and the discourse surrounding Islam in India. We aim to achieve this by engaging with a variety of progressive networks and advocacy forums.

Furthermore, we are committed to creating a dynamic and collaborative environment for the Indian Muslims, enabling meaningful connections that foster professional, business, and social growth. Through these connections, we seek to create a culture of collaboration and amplify efforts to uplift and empower the Muslim community in India.

United for Justice

Standing in solidarity, we strive to bridge divides, advocating for fairness and equality. Together, we work towards a world where justice prevails, leaving no one behind.

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Our Concern Issues

The Resourceful and Resilient Indian Muslim Diaspora Now Numbers Five Million and Growing

In today’s world, Indian Muslims face growing isolation as India rises as an economic and military power. The international community remains largely silent on their rights, preoccupied with maintaining beneficial ties with India and often misinformed about the situation. This silence echoes the muted global reaction to the Uyghur crisis, while the Palestinian cause advances due to persistent global advocacy—a kind of support Indian Muslims desperately need. With India’s increasing global influence and the significant economic impact of the Indian diaspora—evidenced by over $100 billion in remittances in 2022—there’s a chance to both stand up for Indian Muslims’ rights and tap into India’s economic growth. The 5 million Indian Muslims abroad, as part of a 32 million strong diaspora, have the potential to lead this change from their influential positions around the world
SocIAL Justice

Equality, Equity, and Inclusion Advocate

Incorporating clarity, conciseness, and coherence, effective general writing conveys information, evokes emotions, and engages readers, making it an essential tool for communication across various contexts


There are over 200 million Muslims in India and projected to be 311 million by 2050, if Indian Muslims are their own country, it would be the seventh largest country now and 4th largest in the year 2050 in the world.

Out of over 5,000 International NGOs formally affiliated with United Nations, none belongs to Indian Muslims.

Championing Equity and Inclusion:

Other than Indian American Muslim Council (IAMC) in the United States and United Kingdon-Indian Muslim Council (UK-IMC) there is no other advocacy NGO solely dedicated for advocacy for Indian Muslims in the world.

Amplifying Marginalized Voices

With over 5 million Indian Muslims diaspora and over 200 million Indian Muslims who are going through most difficult time in their history needs more advocates, philanthropists, institutions, and leaders. Only Muslims of Indian descent can be effective advocates and champions of Indian Muslims.

Advocating for Policy Change

Our advocacy efforts are driven by the objective to effect policy change that addresses systemic inequalities and promotes social justice. We work tirelessly to influence policies that uphold human rights and protect vulnerable populations.

Progress relies on united efforts for a brighter and more equitable society for all

We celebrate the diversity of voices, backgrounds, and perspectives that form the tapestry of our society. It is within this diversity that we find strength and resilience. Our unity transcends differences to build bridges of understanding and collaboration.

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