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In 2008, renewable energy was high at 31% compared with the EU average of 10.3% in final energy consumption. Russia supplies more than 75% of Finland’s oil imports and 100% of total gas imports. Finland is a member of the International Energy Agency and, as such, maintains a strategic petroleum reserve in the case of emergencies. As of February 2022, Finland’s reserves held 200 days worth of net oil imports.

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  • Following a year in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Freire moved to Geneva to work as a special education advisor to the World Council of Churches.
  • He has won 20 Grand Slam tournaments overall including a record 8 Wimbledon titles.
  • Due to its initial status as Turkey’s only club, Beşiktaş occasionally represented the Ottoman Empire and Turkish Republic in international sports competitions, earning the right to place the Turkish flag inside its team logo.
  • Rockefeller already had a well-secured Washington residence and never lived in the home as a principal residence, although he did host several official functions there.
  • In almost all Swiss municipalities, stickers or dedicated garbage bags need to be purchased that allow for the identification of disposable garbage.

Constitutional amendments, whether introduced by initiative or in parliament, must be accepted by a double majority of the national popular vote and the popular cantonal votes. By calling a federal referendum, a group of citizens may challenge a ablauf hochzeit law passed by parliament if they gather 50,000 signatures against the law within 100 days. If so, a national vote is scheduled where voters decide by a simple majority whether to accept or reject the law. Any eight cantons can also call a constitutional referendum on federal law. The more populous northern part of the country, constituting about 30% of the country’s total area, is called the Swiss Plateau. It has greater open and hilly landscapes, partly forested, partly open pastures, usually with grazing herds or vegetables and fruit fields, but it is still hilly.

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The President is directly elected via runoff voting for a maximum of two consecutive 6-year terms. E. Svinhufvud (1931–1937), Kyösti Kallio (1937–1940), Risto Ryti (1940–1944), C. K. Paasikivi (1946–1956), Urho Kekkonen (1956–1982), Mauno Koivisto (1982–1994), Martti Ahtisaari (1994–2000), and Tarja Halonen (2000–2012). Niinistö’s election as a member of the National Coalition Party marks the first time since 1946 that a Finnish President is not a member of either the Social Democratic Party or the Centre Party.

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Annually, approximately 20,000 persons are trained in recruit centres for a duration from 18 to 21 weeks. The reform “Army XXI” was adopted by popular vote in 2003, it replaced the previous model “Army 95”, reducing the effectiveness from 400,000 to about 200,000. Of those, 120,000 are active in periodic Army training, and 80,000 are non-training reserves. The Swiss Armed Forces, including the Land Forces and the Air Force, are composed mostly of conscripts, male citizens aged from 20 to 34 years. Being a landlocked country, Switzerland has no navy; however, on lakes bordering neighbouring countries, armed military patrol boats are used. Swiss citizens are prohibited from serving in foreign armies, except for the Swiss Guards of the Vatican, or if they are dual citizens of a foreign country and reside there.

These are governed by the member municipalities and have only limited powers. The autonomous province of Åland has a permanent democratically elected regional council. Sami people have a semi-autonomous Sami native region in Lapland for issues on language and culture. Miscalculated macroeconomic decisions, a banking crisis, the collapse of its largest trading partner , and a global economic downturn caused a deep early 1990s recession in Finland.


Sephardic Jews settled in the city after their expulsion from Spain and Portugal in 1492 and 1497. Sympathetic to the plight of Sephardic Jews, Bayezid II sent out the Ottoman Navy under the command of admiral Kemal Reis to Spain in 1492 in order to evacuate them safely to Ottoman lands. In marked contrast to Jews in Europe, Ottoman Jews were allowed to work in any profession. Ottoman Jews in Istanbul excelled in commerce, and came to particularly dominate the medical profession.

It ranks highly on some international metrics, including economic competitiveness and human development. Its cities such as Zürich, Geneva and Basel rank among the highest in the world in terms of quality of life, albeit with some of the highest costs of living in the world. The establishment of the Old Swiss Confederacy in the Late Middle Ages resulted from a series of military successes against Austria and Burgundy.

For example, the International Olympic Committee , IOC’s Olympic Museum and the Court of Arbitration for Sport are located in Lausanne. From its foundation in 1291, the Confederation was almost exclusively composed of German-speaking regions, the earliest forms of literature were in German. In the 18th century, French became the fashionable language in Bern and elsewhere, while the influence of the French-speaking allies and subject lands was more marked than before. The principal official languages have terms not used outside of Switzerland, known as Helvetisms. German Helvetisms are, roughly speaking, a large group of words typical of Swiss Standard German, which do not appear either in Standard German, nor in other German dialects. These include terms from Switzerland’s surrounding language cultures (German Billett from French), from similar terms in another language .

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Artificial intelligence will also automate the routine tasks that teachers need to do such as grading, taking attendance, and handling routine student inquiries. This enables the teacher to carry on with the complexities of teaching that an automated machine cannot handle. These include creating exams, explaining complex material in a way that will benefit students individually and handling unique questions from students.