The Only Four Ways To Delete Google Reviews

In fact, a review will only be removed if it breaks one of the specific guidelines listed. Unfortunately, Google does not make exceptions for these types of situations and allows the ability to leave reviews for these types of businesses. Unfortunately, you will have to deal with the system Google has created.

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  • When you’ve done your due diligence, it certainly can’t hurt to complain to Google itself on a public medium.
  • Additionally, you can actually use review replies to shine a light on fraudulent reviews.
  • Replying within 24 hours is the best way to show a genuine interest in customer service.
  • Sometimes they can actually help and not harm your business.
  • Another way to get rid of negative reviews is to encourage people to give positive reviews.
  • This generates a huge influx in review collection, meaning it’s easy to bury the few negative reviews you may have with a wealth of happy customer testimonials.

For example, if a customer left a 1-star rating because of a Trump poster in your store window, that’s irrelevant, and it should be taken down. Shady competitors may also try to use online review platforms against you. If you don’t carefully monitor reviews, competitors might ambush your business page with tons of fake Google reviews.

You can log into your Google My Business account and flag a review to Google, who may or may not moderate or remove it. 9 out of 10 customers consult online reviews before buying. What’s even more impressive is that these users believe what they read. 75% of people say they trust online reviews as much as recommendations from friends and family.

Step 6: Manage Your Reputation With An Orm Tool

So a few bad reviews could result in a drop in sales. If you’re wondering, “can businesses remove Google reviews? ” It’s important to understand that there are several reasons why you can’t remove Google reviews. Google may have flagged a review for spam purposes or violated its review policy. While you should never flag a review for personal reasons, you may accidentally delete a legitimate review through automated spam detection. In either case, you should consider your business’s reputation and prepare for a potential benefit from Google editing.

Understand Which Reviews To Report For Removal

If any Google business reviews and complaints fit the above criteria, you have a few options to get rid of them. Below we’ll cover disputing the review, tweeting to Google, and taking legal action. Off-topic — Content must reflect an individual’s experience at a location. Irrelevant social, personal or political commentary will be removed. Ok, so you’ve found the fraudsters and now you need to get rid of them.

When asking online, it’s important to make reviewing your business easy. If the reviewer is happy with your response and solution, they may divide to remove their review to help your business. There are a few other things that you can do, which we’ll show you next. Click on the Reviews tab to view all the reviews left for your business. You’ll need to select the correct location or company if you have several business listings.


For these reasons, online reputation management software could make or break your business. If you’re selling an online product or service, you could create a funnel asking customers how much they enjoy using it. If they answer positively, they’re taken to a review site. If they answer negatively, they’re taken to a page where they can contact customer support or someone within the company. When someone is considering using your services, they are likely to search on Google to see what others have said about your company.

You can read more about how to remove search results here. Unlike businesses, consumers are able to edit and delete Google reviews that they leave. With replies come another benefit – you could actually ask your negative reviewers to alter their feedback. Perhaps you’ve resolved their problem or maybe they’ve got your business confused with someone else?