The Secret Guy. Why Won’t The Guy Satisfy Me?

3 years-ish back, we came across men on the internet, we will call him “D”, on Myspace. It had been rather innocent, and he ended up being fairly HOT. And by fairly, after all SO.CUTE. It was not some big love affair, I found myself in between relationships but we shared music preferences, a dry (ahem devastatingly amusing) spontaneity therefore both stayed in L.A. Emails slowly progressed to texts to random calls. Once more, not a large love affair, but definitely some thing with possible.

He would ask me to hang out, following terminate. This pattern would duplicate, repeat, perform. I’d take his area and get him to meet for coffee/lunch but the guy always had programs. Just what a coincidence, right? We never really cared too much-I began a fresh union and simply submitted “D” out as a text/email pal and he felt very happy to just fade away naturally as my personal union with my now sweetheart progressed.

Today, we are buddies on myspace and Twitter, and he drunk texts myself ALL.THE.TIME. He emails me songs he thinks I’ll like (I always love it) and he phone calls me personally once every couple of weeks. Gathering from the social networking stalking I’ve completed, he is single…goes out constantly, doesn’t have a girlfriend or ten kids…and there isn’t any cause we now haven’t hung away. Easily end replying to him, I get “in which have you been? We skip you!” messages, etc. He’s lent a virtual hand during crisis in my existence, delivers myself small (low creepy) gift suggestions for my birthday and Christmas time and seems to be an excellent guy…but it really is so difficult to inform, since he won’t ever emerge from behind the pc.

It’s very confusing, because although i will be therefore pleased within my relationship, I start thinking about “D” a buddy. But they are we?

I get that maybe he will not be that enthusiastic about fulfilling me face to face, and I’m ok with that. In all honesty, I am not contemplating him romantically in every way-I indicate, a man whom takes 36 months receive anything done is not attractive! If they aren’t curious, or wasn’t curious 36 months ago…why does the guy keep calling/texting/tweeting/emailing/facebooking?

Possible Solutions.
1. he is shy/intimidated-this was his excuse before but I don’t know I purchase it.
2. he or she is maybe not whom he seems to be on the internet. My just issue using this would be that his fb appears to be full of “real” life relatives and buddies, and then he always has new pictures-I understand where he works, where the guy lives-whoa we appear to be a creep. HOWEVER-we’ve all heard the Catfish story, right? Never ever is generally too careful! But i am talking about, their mother demonstrably comments on his posts, and I just can’t envision she isn’t genuine!
3. He loves having a stylish woman give him attention but he does not have to step up towards plate and also “DO” something. BINGO.
4. he is merely a weirdo.

I’m bending towards 3, and wanting it is not 4. But at this point, it’s simply more attraction than any such thing else-who is my personal mystical friend “D”? Hi D, you are probably checking out this…since you stick to me personally on Twitter and all sorts of!

Exactly what do all of you consider? Why do you spend a great deal in some one you never plan to fulfill? Help a lady out. ????