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The series was made by Kilkenny-based Cartoon Saloon, the studio behind the Academy Award-nominated feature Song of the Sea. Silky and the Octopus / The Salmon Leap / The Great Gull – Oona and Silky have an octopus adventure! ; Otto tries to get his siblings to fall asleep; Oona and Baba protect a baby seagull from the Great Gull. Cave Camping / The Empty Shell / Three’s a Crowd – The Puffin family visits an underwater cave; The red crabs are put in danger; Pip feels left out of Baba and Pop’s activities. The first season began airing on RTÉjr on 12 January 2015.

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  • A collaborative album titled The Queen of Hearts with UK folk artist Olivia Chaney was released under the name Offa Rex on Nonesuch Records on July 14, 2017.
  • Unlike other frogs, it is highly aquatic and thrives in freshwater.
  • All umbrellabirds have black plumage and a distinctive fleshy pouch, which is known as a wattle, hanging from the neck.
  • Please answer all questions for all pets you have owned starting with the most recent pet.
  • Below you’ll discover the complete list of animal names our researchers have written about so far.

Megabats like the unstriped tube-nosed bat are known to be potentially dangerous to humans. They can potentially house https://animallive.tv/atlas-ptakow-polski.html viruses, and when eaten can lead to disease. The unstriped ground squirrel is unique in that it’s the only member of the genus xerus. This rodent is native to Africa, although it resembles everyday squirrels of the United States. The unicolored arboreal rice rat is a type of rodent belonging to the Oecomys family.

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In November 2006, the band encouraged fans to create a music video for the single “O Valencia!” using footage of the band in front of a green screen. After Colbert feigned a hand injury, Peter Frampton took over for Colbert and won an audience vote. According to Meloy, the Colbert challenge was not scripted, though the band was told that Frampton would step in for Colbert. In addition to their lyrics, which often focus on historical incidents and/or folklore, the Decemberists are also well known for their eclectic live shows. Audience participation is a part of each performance, typically during encores.

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The spikes have venom that can sting an animal or a human when they puncture the skin. When an urchin dies, those spikes detach from the body called test. There are animal crackers featured on the artwork for the unreleased single “Pennyroyal Tea” by Nirvana. Animal biscuit crackers were made and distributed under the National Biscuit Company banner.

Native to New Guinea and parts of Australia, birds of paradise are known for their colorful plumage. Although there are still several species left, many were hunted into extinction by hunters who valued their feathers. After centuries of living a fairly undisturbed life in Mongolia, environmental changes are pushing the taimen to near extinction. A salmonid relative of trout and salmon, this hungry fish species is known to eat almost anything in their paths including ducks and other taimens. Until only a few years ago, both known types of desert tortoise were lumped together as one species. Today, the two species are known as the Mohave tortoise and the Sonoran tortoise.

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But that’s just the beginning of all the animals that start with x that we found. A pet animal refers to an animal that people raise in their home and care for as if it were a human child. A variety of species can be kept as pets, such as dogs, cats, fish, rabbits, birds, rats, and guinea.

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But if it was, this would definitely be my favorite animal that starts with x. It is just another made-up word perpetuated by a single site and repeated by hundreds of others. In the animal kingdom, parrots are considered part of the Psittaciformes family along with cockatoos, lovebirds, and many other tropical bird species.

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Now living primarily in the deserts of North America, the gray wolf can reach an intimidating weight of up to 175 pounds. The red-eyed tree frog uses those big peepers to scare away predators. Active only at night, red-eyed tree frogs are known to lay their eggs on a leaf that hangs over a body of water. When the eggs hatch, the tadpoles simply fall and swim away. When the cheetah gives birth, it usually has two or three cubs that stick by its side until around age 16 months.

It is native to Southern America, however, its exact range is a mystery. It has been found in Northwestern Brazil, Southeastern Colombia, and southern Venezuela. The Underwood long-tongued bat is a fairly newly discovered species of bat.

They have large horns curling outwards from the top of their head. Utah prairie dogs are native to southwestern Utah, including the West Desert and Awapa Plateau. They live on valley floors at elevations of 5,400 feet to mountain habitats up to 9,500 feet. There aren’t many animals that start with U, so we’ve included the sled dog, Unalaska. Unalaska was the lead dog on American explorer and naval officer Admiral Richard E. Byrd’s first Antarctic Expedition, which took place between 1928 and 1930.